6-in Cast Iron Fry Burner - BG12

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Weight: 1.00 LBS

The Bayou Classic High Pressure Cast Iron Burner (BG12) is a round 6” replacement burner used in small stoves and cookers. 

The BG12 includes the air control disk.  

We also sell the 5235 brass orifice for use with this burner.

The face of this cast iron burner measures 6 inches in diameter and 11” in length.

This burner is used in the Bayou Classic SQ14 propane outdoor cookers and 1114 stainless steel propane outdoor cookers.

This Bayou Classic cast iron burner is an excellent replacement burner for most brands of propane cookers and stoves. 

This cast iron burner is a perfect choice if you are building your own propane cooker, stove, smoker or beer brewing equipment.


BG12 High Pressure Propane Burner Features & Benefits:

  • 6" Diameter x 11" Length
  • Includes Air Control Disc
  • Replacement Burner for SQUARE Bayou Classic Cookers

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