Cast Iron Propane Burners

Cast Iron Propane Burners

We offer three styles/sizes of cast iron replacement burners: the Bayou Classic BG-10, BG-12, and the BG-14. 

The Bayou Classic BG-10 is a 4” wide replacement high pressure cast iron burner used in various fish fryers and cookers. 

The Bayou Classic BG-12 is a 6” wide replacement cast iron fry burner used in larger fish cookers and propane stoves. 

The Bayou Classic BG-14 is a 10” replacement cast iron banjo burner used in Bayou Classic KAB4 and KAB6 Cookers.

Our cast iron burners are excellent replacement burners for just about any brand of propane cooker.  Use our cast iron propane burners in your do it yourself projects.   They are a perfect choice if you are building your own propane cooker, stove, smoker or beer brewing equipment. 

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